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Constructed in 1992 to address the requirements of the expanding population in western Broward County, the Broward County West Regional Courthouse is situated on Lake Shutter within a complex that includes a library and other public structures. The courthouse is characterized by its rounded walls and an expansive, wrap-around portico that offers scenic views of the lake.

The West Building of the Broward County Judicial Complex has been dedicated to pay tribute to Walter G. “Skip” Campbell, Jr., an esteemed and cherished figure in our community. Skip was a distinguished attorney, who also held the positions of state senator and mayor of Coral Springs.

He served as the President of the Broward County Bar Association, the Broward Young Lawyer’s Association, and the Federal Bar Association.

Broward County West Regional Services

Traffic and Misdemeanor Services

The majority of civil traffic infraction hearings are presided over by a Hearing Officer. Individuals who receive a traffic citation have three choices within 30 days: they can pay the specified traffic fine as indicated on the citation, attend a driver improvement course, or submit a request for a hearing to challenge the citation.

County Civil Services

The County Civil Division is responsible for addressing a range of cases, including Landlord Tenant disputes, Small Claims cases (involving amounts up to $8,000), and various other civil matters such as Auto Negligence, Condominium disputes, and Personal Injury Protection cases (involving amounts from $8,001 up to $50,000).

In contrast, the County Court Criminal Division manages criminal misdemeanor cases, criminal traffic offenses, violations of municipal and county ordinances, and civil traffic infractions. Criminal misdemeanor cases encompass offenses like petit theft, simple battery, and other criminal violations. Criminal traffic matters include motor vehicle infractions such as driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence, and operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

One Stop Services

These include: Passport Applications, Passport Photos, Marriage Applications, Marriage Ceremony, Circuit Civil, and Probate Filings

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