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A large part of Florida’s booming real estate sector encompasses condominiums. Florida condo owners usually enter homeowners or condo associations. Signing up to such associations comes with its fair share of merits and demerits, as well as unique legal requirements.

Any sort of damage to a condo, be it a single unit or the entire building complex, can be frustrating to navigate with an insurance carrier.

The fact that you’ll be required to carry not one, but two different insurance policies make the process of filing a lawsuit very problematic, particularly given how the insurance carrier implicated will go out of their way to delay, devalue or contest your insurance claim.

Also, the insurer’s only goal is to preserve its bottom line. This is why it will be in your interest to enlist a Florida condo insurance lawyer to advocate on your behalf and ensure that your rights are protected.

We at Klotzman Law Firm in Florida offer credibility, tenacious advocacy, and attention to detail when handling your condo insurance claim. Our condo insurance attorneys are the best choice for settling your complex condo issues.

We are well-versed in Florida’s condo laws pertaining to insurance coverage and policies. Our experience and track record in this field speaks for themselves and show how effective we are when it comes to defending our condo clientele. To make our case, in court or with insurers during negotiations, we enlist the investigative expertise of weather specialists, architects, and construction experts, as necessary.

If you feel like your insurance claim is being unjustifiably denied, delayed, or contested, our Florida condo insurance attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm can provide you with property damage legal counsel.

Our lawyers have expansive experience handling cases like these and will ensure you’re fairly reimbursed for any damages you suffer. For more information on how we can help with your condo insurance claim, call us now at 954-915-7405 to arrange a FREE consultation with a Klotzman Law Firm attorney.

Who could use the help of a condo insurance lawyer?

There are two main groups that can utilize the skills of a Florida condo insurance lawyer.

Individual condo owners

As an individual owner of a condo, you partly own the property/building, not the whole of it. For this reason, you’ll have to take on an individual condo insurance policy that covers personal items and encompasses liability coverage that safeguards against accidents that may happen inside the unit itself.

Since you don’t own the entire multiplex, matters concerning condo insurance claims can get a bit contentious.

Condo owners whose units are damaged will need to pursue at least two different insurance carriers — the insurance carrier providing coverage for the individual condo policy and the insurer of the condo association — all of whom will try to swindle you out of your deserved compensation.

To ensure that you’re not left bearing the financial burden of property liability and personal liability, you should think about enlisting a Florida condo insurance lawyer to help you with your individual condo insurance coverage.

The condo association or HOA

There are various claims that a condo association or HOA may make to recoup or safeguard themselves against lawsuits, vandalism, theft, and unforeseen weather elements. As such, townhouse and condo associations depend on complete insurance policies to provide coverage for certain losses.

Disputes are a common occurrence between HOA or condo associations and their insurers when it comes to insurance coverage. If your condo association or HOA is having trouble with its insurance carrier concerning a property claim or affiliated legal issue, you should consider enlisting the services of a qualified Florida condo insurance attorney for legal aid.

Our condo insurance attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm offer representation to both individual condo owners and condo associations throughout Florida dealing with their respective insurance claims. We are well-versed with the unique circumstances surrounding each insurance policy and are confident in our capability to provide effective legal counsel.

Reach out to us at 954-915-7405 to arrange a complimentary consultation and review your case.

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What does condo insurance typically cover?

Florida condo insurance also referred to as HO-6 insurance coverage, is the same as homeowners insurance, meaning that it provides coverage for your personal liability, property liability, and some structural components of your place.

Nevertheless, condo insurance can be defined as ‘walls-in coverage’, since it provides limited coverage for destruction to the complex that happens outside your condominium. You can take on condo insurance regardless if you’re renting or buying a condominium.

Depending on the coverage level you’re going for, you can buy condo insurance coverage in Florida for either the replacement cost or the actual monetary value of your property and residence. Taking on a replacement cost insurance coverage is more costly since it replaces any destroyed belongings up to the limit of the policy without taking into account depreciation.

Your condo insurance coverage can be tailored to meet your specific demands and risk profile.

Most condo insurance policies typically cover:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Your residence insurance policy will encompass destruction to all components that are permanently appended inside your condominium but not included in your association’s policy. Elements can include countertops, flooring, and walls. A dwelling insurance policy can also provide coverage for any improvements or changes you’ve done to the condo.
  • Personal Property: This policy covers your possessions if they are damaged or stolen, either while outside the premises or inside your condo. Personal property includes things like furniture, digital devices, clothing, and other house furnishings.
  • Loss Assessment: Any destruction to or in the premise of common sections of the condominium is partially your concern as the condo owner. Although your condo association or HOA carries an insurance policy, you may be required to cater to any expenses that supersede its thresholds. According to Florida statutes, your condo insurance coverage must incorporate a minimum of $2,000 of loss assessment, which is used for paying losses that supersede the policy limits of your association.
  • Personal Liability: If someone files a claim against your seeking reimbursement for property damage or personal injury, your personal liability insurance policy would assist in paying for losses and cover any associated defense costs. For instance, if you have a guest over and they slip & fall while in your condo, resulting in a fractured bone, this insurance cover would safeguard you in the event they sue you. Additionally, you can buy liability coverage for your furry friend, in the event they bite or injure somebody. Note that not all insurance companies offer coverage for pets, so inquire about this part when getting a quotation.
  • Loss of Use: In case your condominium is badly damaged, such that, you can’t reside in it for some time, loss of usage cover will assist in paying for food, lodging, and other additional expenditure you incur.

Does my homeowners association have insurance that covers me?

Yes. A condo association has noteworthy assets it administers. They are responsible for all common places in the complex, as well as the preservation of other structural components of the building, including exterior and interior walls, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC systems, foundation, cladding, and the roof.

To safeguard these significant parts of a condo, the HOA buys a property insurance policy that covers you to some extent.

What is Covered by the Master Condo insurance policy?

This is the second insurance policy that the condominium association provides. Generally, a condo is covered by a master insurance policy under the name of the HOA. Also referred to as condominium association insurance (COA), the master condo insurance policy is carried by the homeowners association or condominium association. Premiums are deducted from your COA dues.

This policy typically provides coverage for two main risk areas: (i) COA general liability, and (ii) property damage coverage for common places. Common places in the condo encompass property and structures that are accessible to all COA members like parking, swimming pools, clubhouses, lobby, gyms, storage units, meeting rooms, and so on.
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What if I am being held liable for costs my HOA should cover?

If you think that you are being held responsible for costs that your HOA should provide coverage, you need to consult with a Florida condo insurance attorney for assistance to contest the liability. Call Klotzman Law Firm attorneys right away for guidance on how to handle the situation.

What if my insurance company denied my claim?

There’s no assurance that your condo insurance claim will go through when you file a lawsuit. The insurance carrier may reject a claim, purporting that it meets the conditions for an omission or falls outside the purview of the policy’s terms and conditions.

They may imply that the cause of damage wasn’t included in the insurance coverage. In the case of general liability insurance claims, the insurer can blame you for the negligence and completely deny your claim, leaving you to bear the financial weight of paying compensation to the injured party.

When your insurer rejects your claim, don’t waste time pondering why they may have denied it. Rather, reach out to an experienced condo insurance attorney to represent you. Our Klotzman Law Firm in Florida insurance attorneys are conversant with Florida’s condo laws and will assist you to contest the decision made by the insurance even if it means going to court.

What a condo insurance lawyer can do for you?

No matter the vast amount of evidence you may have, insurance adjusters and insurance companies will always try to unduly devalue or deny your claim. They only want to get out of completely paying for damages or pay as little as possible. The condo insurance attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm in Florida can help:

  • Authenticate Coverage: It is hard, but integral, to evaluate whether the damage is personal damage or COA damage. We have the know-how to verify your documents and ensure that your condo association policy and individual condo policy are fairly and properly covered.
  • Investigate Your Claim: Insurers generally investigate the incident on their own. We also make a point of doing our own investigations to ascertain that due process was followed. We will review the paperwork, and evidence, and even bring in investigative experts to help ascertain that the damage suffered was within the bounds of your policy.
  • Carry Out Negotiations: We will spearhead the negotiations to ensure that you get a fair settlement offer. Insurers tend to behave differently during negotiations when you have an attorney by your side.

In a nutshell, we’ll assist you to recoup the highest possible financial reimbursement possible.

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