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 Have you recently been involved in a bicycle accident and are looking for a bicycle accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale? You’re in the right place. Bicycle accidents are quite common in the US, killing over 1000 cyclists each year as per the CDC. Even without being fatal, they can result in serious complications and injuries. 

Having said that, you have the right to seek adequate compensation from the party at blame following a bicycle accident that resulted in a loved one’s death or injury under Florida’s personal injury statutes. Adequate compensation can help regain normalcy in your life, even if you are unable to work again. 

It covers all of your accident-related costs, including medical expenditures, emotional trauma, and lost wages. You’ll not only hold the accountable party liable for economic losses but non-economic ones as well.

That shouldn’t however mislead you into thinking that acquiring compensation is a walk in the park, no. 

Proving a personal injury claim can be extremely daunting which is why you need a skilled and competent bicycle accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With their legal expertise, they can help present the case and deal with the liable party’s insurance company.

This is particularly important because most insurance companies you’ll be going against work with the greatest defense attorneys in the field. 

They put up a valiant battle to pay as little as possible or nothing at all, and unfortunately, most times, they get away with it. Despite their outward appearance of friendliness, insurance firms are just businesses and their priority is to make money, not lose it.

As a result, they use strategies like undervaluing, denying, and delaying claims, yet spend billions on advertising campaigns that emphasize their purported loyalty to their clients.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney from Klotzman Law Firm on your side to support your pursuit of all available forms of compensation. With us by your side, you won’t have to fight the battle by yourself.

Our bicycle accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are available to assist you in navigating insurance companies’ strategies and obtaining the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

We have played this game before, and are familiar with insurance companies’ moves. Our track record speaks for itself; our personal injury attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm have previously recovered millions of dollars in damages on behalf of hundreds of clients who sustained bicycle injuries.

We are therefore fully equipped to handle your case and secure the highest possible compensation for your damages and lost wages.

In case you find yourself in a situation where the police find that you, the cyclist was at fault, leading the insurance provider to reject the claim, we can help. We do not take “no” for an answer. If the insurance provider rejects your claim, we will disregard the rejection and vigorously pursue your case in court to defend your rights.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one through a bicycle accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, call Klotzman Law Firm at 754-799-7321 as soon as possible. Let us help you handle your case and secure the best possible compensation for your injuries.

We know the physical, mental, and financial burden that can come from bicycle accidents and are committed to helping you obtain just compensation. 

Besides helping you receive the justice and compensation you deserve, our attorneys will also walk you through the legal process, keep you updated at every stage, and defend your rights. Klotzman Law Firm will walk with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our client-centered ethic that employs cutting-edge technology and a highly effective system to make sure that you get what you deserve in a friendly and caring atmosphere. 

We put an exceptional amount of effort into our clients by focusing on them with a set of policies and procedures that prioritize attention to detail.

Some of the services you can expect include free consultations, quick phone and email responses, multilingual personnel, cutting-edge technology, and choices for contingency fee payments. We place a high value on providing each of our clients with personalized service.

Talk to us at 754-799-7321 today. Let us arrange a free consultation where we can assist you with your claim.

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What Are the Bicycle Laws in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident involving vehicle

Florida Statute 316.2065 outlines bicycle laws to safeguard roads for cyclists. The law permits bikers to use the road and safeguards them from injury brought on by other vehicles using the road. Drivers are required by law to share the road with cyclists and avoid collisions.

Where there are bike lanes, cyclists must stick to them except when they are moving at the same speed as cars. In the absence of a bike lane, cyclists can use the sidewalk, but they are not legally obliged to do so. 

Florida bicycle legislation also outlines that cyclists ride “as near as practical to the right-hand curb or the edge of the roadway” when riding on the street. A cyclist can however break this rule and move off the right shoulder when overtaking another bicycle, getting ready to make a left turn, or in situations where there are hazards such as potholes. 

In a nutshell, Florida law mandates that drivers share the road with bikers to prevent accidents. While vehicles must respect cyclists’ right to use bike lanes while they are present, cyclists also have the right to use the street when none are present. When drivers and cyclists adhere to these regulations, they cohabit securely on Florida’s highways.

Unfortunately, Florida is a bicycle accident hub because a handful of motorists do not respect cyclists’ right to the road. Nevertheless, there is hope. Continue reading to find a solution if you have been a victim of people’s recklessness. 

What Steps Should I Take Following a Bike Accident?

Most bicycle accident victims in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are unclear about what to do following a bicycle accident. Granted, it can be an overwhelming and confusing time, but here are key steps to take to help with the incident’s aftermath:

Step 1: Call the police immediately 

It is crucial to call the police as soon as possible. Having a police report on hand will be helpful when it’s time to claim since it serves as a formal record of the accident.

Step 2: Exchange personal details with the involved party

Make sure you get their name, license number, insurance information, address, and phone number. It’s crucial to give them your personal information as well.

Step 3: Take pictures and videos

If you’re in a position to, take a photo or video of the accident scene. If there is any uncertainty about what took place, this can be used as visual evidence.

Step 4: Don’t admit to anything

Never confess fault when interacting with law enforcement officials without first seeking legal advice from a personal injury attorney. Accepting responsibility may make it more difficult to get just compensation.

Step 5: Seek medical attention

Because of the adrenaline rush, injuries may not be apparent but could develop over time. As such, even if you don’t experience any discomfort following the accident, get medical attention.

Assessment by a medical professional assures you that you’re fine, and if not, it helps get the necessary medical records required in filing a claim and receiving maximum benefits. 

Step 6: Contact a Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Finally, it is imperative to contact a reputable Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorney, like the knowledgeable staff at Klotzman Law Firm.

They can support you in filing a personal injury case and make sure you get the highest settlement possible for your injuries.

What Kinds Of Damages Are Recoverable In A Bicycle Accident Claim?

If you were hurt in a bike accident in Florida, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Compensation is paid for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. Let’s look into them a bit deeper:

• Medical Bills

It is one of the most significant expenses that accident victims have to cope with. Compensation accounts for the price of your hospital stay, doctor visits, and any other medical care you received. 

Medical bills are one of the most significant expenses that accident victims have to cope with in a bicycle accident.

• Lost Wages

You can also be entitled to lost pay if your injuries have kept you from working. This includes any wages you may have made in the absence of your injury. If your injuries are anticipated to prevent you from working in the future, you may also be able to get compensation for lost future earnings.

• Mental Anguish

In addition to the bodily harm, you might have experienced mental pain. This form of compensation is called pain and suffering compensation. It is paid to make up for the emotional and mental anguish you have had as a result of the accident. This may involve stress, sadness, and scarring.

• Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are also possible in certain circumstances. These damages are supposed to make up for the other party’s wrongdoing. Typically, they are only granted when the other party’s behavior was very heinous, either by doing it intentionally or being negligent. 

Contact a personal injury attorney if you were injured in a bike accident in Florida. As seen above, you can get the adequate recompense you deserve with the assistance of a skilled attorney. Remember, the accident expenses shouldn’t be your responsibility to cover on your own. Get the money you need for your injuries with the help of competent legal counsel.

How Is Fault Established In Florida Bike Accidents?

Courts in Florida usually follow the pure comparative fault to assign liability in accidents. It is also commonly referred to as pure comparative negligence. This rule is advantageous to plaintiffs because it allows them to receive compensation even if they contributed to their injuries, so long as the other party is equally to blame.

The repercussions of this theory may be significant in lawsuits. 

To help you understand this rule better, think about a scenario where you were in a bicycle accident and the other driver hit you. After investigation though, it’s seen that you were also speeding at the time of the crash, which may have contributed to the collision.

In such a case, if the arguments and evidence find the driver 80% responsible while you were 20% responsible and the total damages claim was $100,000, you’ll only get $80,000 worth of compensation.

With that in mind, therefore, the outcome of a personal injury case may be significantly impacted by the legal doctrine of pure comparative fault. Regardless of whether they were the plaintiff or defendant, the court will weigh each party’s degree of responsibility for the accident when assessing fault.

If the plaintiff is found to be partially culpable for the incident, the damages award could be lowered using this approach, which is frequently used in Florida courts.

From the example above, this rule helps plaintiffs obtain compensation even if they shared some of the blame for the accident. It is particularly helpful when both sides share responsibility for the incident.

The level of negligence, however, influences the number of damages awarded, therefore plaintiffs must provide solid proof of the defendant’s guilt.

As is expected, figuring out how much blame belongs to each side can be a difficult process that can result in disputes and protracted litigation. Moreover, to prove that the defendant was principally at fault for the accident, the plaintiffs must present strong evidence.

Besides that, it can be challenging to practice the principle in reality, especially in cases of complicated accidents involving more than 2 parties. 

While pure comparative fault offers benefits, it can also be difficult to apply in reality and can result in time-consuming cases that cost a lot of money.

How Much Does a Bicycle Accident Attorney Cost?

If you have questions about the cost of hiring a bike accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Klotzman Law Firm is here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our personal injury attorneys if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to afford a big legal fee before you know how much compensation you’ll receive.

We have a contingency fee arrangement for clients in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we’ve catered to the needs of all our clients. In simple words, you won’t have to pay anything upfront and will only have to contribute a small portion of your compensation after your claim has been resolved.

This arrangement shows our commitment to helping our clients get the compensation they deserve. In our opinion, after injury, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about paying expensive legal bills.

As a result, we provide our customers with a contingency fee arrangement that waives up-front costs and only asks for payment once your case is won.

Don’t let concern about expensive legal fees prevent you from seeking the recompense you deserve! Relax knowing that you won’t have to pay anything with Klotzman Law Firm until we successfully resolve your claim. To find out how we can assist you, get in touch with us today. 

How Long Do I Have To Submit a Claim?

Every state has a statute of limitations that sets a deadline for bringing a case to the court. The statute of limitations for bike accident claims in Florida is four years from the date of the accident. If no case is filed within this time frame, it will probably be dismissed.

There are rare circumstances, though, where a judge might think about extending the deadline. These are instances where the victim is a minor or where the injury wasn’t initially obvious but surfaced weeks or months after the collision.

To successfully file a claim, make sure you adhere to the statute of limitations in Florida

A qualified  accident lawyer can help one comprehend the legal requirements and repercussions of initiating a lawsuit, as missing the deadline may compromise one’s chances of winning the case.

Why a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

There are several benefits to hiring a reputable bike accident attorney like those from Klotzman Law Firm.  Here are the top benefits of working with a reputable bicycle injury lawyer:

• Case filing and preparation 

Our team will make sure that every section of your case is finished before filing as soon as possible because we are aware of the many aspects involved in this preparation.

• Negotiating a settlement

It’s not easy to negotiate a bike accident claim with an insurance provider. They can intimidate you and offer much less in an attempt to reduce the worth of damages paid to victims. Luckily, the top accident attorneys know how to negotiate a worthwhile settlement.

Let our team of professionals bargain with the insurance company on your behalf.

• Trial

Finally, in case the insurance company refuses to repay you the worth of your damages, we will go to court. Our staff has the necessary training and experience in trial preparation and representation to guarantee the greatest possible settlement. 

At Klotzman Law Firm, we set ourselves apart with competent case preparation and filing, shrewd bargaining, and first-rate trial counsel. Consult with the skilled personal injury attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm. Let us ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer at Klotzman Law Firm For Help With Your Case

Being in a bicycle accident can be traumatic, particularly if there are serious injuries. If this occurred to you while you are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you have the right to ask for payment from the offending party.

But because the legal process can be daunting without any experience, seek legal help. 

For that, we are the go-to. Our team of experienced bicycle accident attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm can help you with your claim.

Our attorneys have a great track record of winning the highest possible compensation for our clients and have a great deal of expertise in resolving cases similar to yours.

By working with us, you’re assured that your case will be handled skillfully and that you will get the money you deserve. Talk to a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorney right away by dialing 754-799-7321. Let’s get you sorted!

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