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Are you an Uber accident victim seeking justice and compensation for your injuries and losses? It is best to work a season Fort Lauderdale Uber accident lawyer committed to fighting for your rights. The rideshare popularity in Florida has many people opting to use service providers like Lyft and Uber, given that they are more cost-effective and significantly more convenient than many traditional transportation options. Nevertheless, moving about in a vehicle comes with some risk of accidents happening. Fortunately, the laws in Florida give people the right to claim compensation for automobile accidents while using Uber and other ridesharing services. 

Lyft and Uber accidents are complex and cannot be handled like conventional car accidents, especially when there is more than one person responsible. Handling the Uber accident claim alone will prove challenging because you are unfamiliar with the laws and processes involved in such cases. While proving negligence is paramount to improving the odds of winning, your chances are significantly better when you work with an experienced Uber accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale with a knack for winning.

You will find many law firms in Florida, but not all can deliver exceptional legal counsel. Therefore, it is best to take the time to research and ensure you have a lawyer with the right expertise and experience and one who uses a client-centered approach. Klotzman Law Firm has such law professionals. We are confident that you will find an attorney ready to take on any Uber accident lawsuit and help you get the maximum compensation.

We use a client-oriented system supported by the latest technology to deliver unrivaled legal counsel and representation efficiently. Our team at our Fort Lauderdale law firm treats every client as family. We are compassionate and empathetic, guided by refined policies and procedures that allow us to go through every claim case with a fine tooth comb and be attentive to the client’s needs.

Call Klotzman Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with our Uber accident attorney. We have a team of law professionals ready to use their expertise and experience to help you seek justice by filing a compensation claim. Call our Fort Lauderdale Uber accident lawyer to know more about how we can ensure you get a fair settlement for your injuries, losses, and other damages.

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Uber And Lyft Accident Statistics In Florida

Data shows that more rideshare drivers levitate towards Lyft than Uber, but many work for both rideshare platforms. Interestingly, Lyft recorded around 1.4 million drivers working for them compared to Uber’s 3.9 million spread over 63 countries.

Many drivers on Uber and Lyft platforms are below 50 years old, although there is an increase in drivers in their early retirement years (around 60 -65 years) also joining the profession in search of extra cash. Surveys show that Lyft is at the top spot regarding driver satisfaction. In 2018, 75% of Lyft drivers said they were satisfied with their jobs compared to Uber’s 58%.

In addition, Lyft made headlines in April 2019 after announcing they had improved driver background checks, making the process more stringent. It was in response to Uber’s action on the same issues back in 2018. As a result, both ridesharing service providers conduct criminal background checks and annual screenings to promote and maintain passenger safety. Nevertheless, Lyft is the most preferred provider amongst many drivers, given their high satisfaction scores and commitment to passenger and driver safety.

A 2019 Safety Report from Uber showed service provider showed that the company’s drivers made 3.1 million daily trips in America between 2017 and 2018. While those numbers are impressive, 97 Uber drivers were involved in fatal accidents resulting in 107 deaths during the same period.

According to 2017 data, Uber drivers’ motor vehicle safety rate was 0.59 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled. That number dropped to 0.57 deaths per 100 million miles traveled in the next year. The decline might seem insignificant, but it is worth applauding since it is progress in reducing deaths associated with automobile accidents.

Lyft also registered similar statistics, indicating that accidents can be random events even among rideshare companies that invest significantly in safety. The data shows the significance of vigilance and caution when on the roads, whether you are a rider or a professional driver. Take the time to appreciate that some accidents might be unexpected, but you can exercise caution to ensure your safety. The statistics are a sobering reminder of why you must be alert when behind the wheel.

Common Types Of Uber And Lyft Accidents

Quick and affordable, the two are the top reasons why millions of people prefer using Uber and Lyft. And the two also contribute to the two ridesharing service providers’ popularity in the transportation sector. Unfortunately, roads are dangerous, with accidents happening at any time. Hence, it is not uncommon to hear of Lyft and Uber vehicles being involved in collisions or crashes. However, given that they are an unconventional transportation option, the legal processes involved in handling related claims can be confusing for many accident victims.

Knowing the potential accidents associated with Uber and Lyft and help you ensure your safety and your passengers. Some of the accidents we have encountered when handling claims against rideshare service providers in Fort Lauderdale include the following:

•T-Bone Crashes

A driver should be cruising, and suddenly, a Lyft or Uber vehicle makes an illegal U-turn leaving the oncoming driver no choice but to crash into the other car. It is the most likely outcome, especially when cruising in unfamiliar or unexpected areas and making a sudden turn.

•Rear-End Collisions

Most drivers quickly assume the other vehicle behind them is at fault. But what if their actions are to blame, like when the driver in the car in front stops suddenly, leaving little room for the driver behind to react? Most rideshare drivers are known for making erratic stops when flagged down by passengers. It is an act that places the rideshare driver, their vehicle, and passenger at risk.


Such accidents among Uber and Lyft drivers occur when the vehicle hits a stationary car because the driver is distracted by fiddling with the phone or keeping an eye out for new passengers. The collision can result in fatalities and serious injuries.

Faulty car parts, vehicle maintenance negligence, reckless driving, and other reasons can be linked to rideshare accidents. Therefore, drivers and passengers should know what the laws in Florida say regarding such incidents and the steps to take when pursuing a claim case.

We highly recommend that you prioritize safety. If in an accident, call for medical assistance and ask other parties involved to share their insurance details. As a passenger, document the scene, capture crucial information that helps your claim, report the incident to the rideshare company, and contact a lawyer to help with the legal processes.

As for a rideshare driver, reviewing your insurance and ensuring the policy covers you and the vehicle is best. Furthermore, stay alert when behind the wheel, be mindful of other drivers, and avoid making mistakes while keeping an eye out for potential customers. Take all recommended precautions that ensure you protect yourself and the passengers.

Who Can Be Found Liable In An Uber Accident?

Even though Lyft and Uber accidents can be challenging and complex, you can hold several parties accountable for the accident. Our attorneys will commit to ensuring your rights and interests are upheld. A capable legal counsel is vital when determining who is liable for your injuries. It also increases the odds of getting the maximum compensation. In our experiences, we have found the following parties liable for accidents involving rideshare cars:

•The Driver

You can seek damages sustained in an Uber or Lyft vehicle accident if the driver is found responsible, and the compensation can be from their insurance policies. Sometimes, the drivers’ policy might not adequately cover your treatment and other related expenses, in which case, their employer is mandated to should that responsibility.

•The Rideshare Company

Rideshare companies can be held liable for their employees (drivers) actions. Nevertheless, most of them dodge this by asking drivers to sign agreements that classify them as independent contractors, meaning the rideshare companies absolve themselves of any fault for accidents associated with the driver’s actions. Working with a seasoned personal injury attorney can ensure you have the best legal team that can argue your case proving the company shared responsibility.

•Third Parties:

Sometimes, third parties are to blame for accidents involving Lyft or Uber vehicles. As a passenger, you are a witness and must act quickly by contacting an Uber accident attorney at Klotzman Law Firm. Our legal team will ensure all the facts are presented, and those at fault are held accountable when fighting for your claim.

Do not waste time taking the DIY route or working with inexperienced lawyers when pursuing compensation for Lyft or Uber car accidents. Having a seasoned, dedicated, and reputable attorney from Klotzman Law Firm on your side will likely result in the best outcomes.

Difference Between Uber Accident Lawsuits And Regular Car Accident Cases

A car faces some inherent risks when on the roads, meaning the chances of an accident occurring are high. However, there are things that drivers do that increase the chances of road accidents happening. For instance, drivers’ prolonged hours behind the wheel makes drivers dizzy and tired, increasing the risk of causing accidents. Hence, an Uber car accident is likely to have differences that distinguish it from a regular automobile accident.

Typically, the at-fault drivers in what would be considered a common type of vehicle accident might possess limited insurance coverage. In that case, payout to injured parties will face some restrictions. Things are different when dealing with ridesharing service providers. Companies like Uber and Lyft are giant corporations with significant assets; thus, they can ensure their drivers have insurance policies worth $1 million.

Hence, the potential to provide such enormous coverage means that rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber can meet larger payouts to cover the injured party’s medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. But we know these big commercial players will go all out to minimize possible payouts. That is why you need a competent and committed car accident injury lawyer to guide you through the insurance and legal maze.

Does Uber Have A $1 Million Insurance Policy For Accidents?

With the roads being unsafe, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft will invest in ensuring passenger safety. But they implement a three-part insurance policy protecting the passenger, driver, and themselves. 

The coverage under the policy depends on the driver’s activity leading to the accident. For instance, the insurance policy is voided if the driver was using the car for personal reasons during the accident and could not accept ride requests. Therefore, the driver’s personal insurance comes into play and will dictate the coverage level.

Furthermore, if the driver is available on the rideshare app and can pick up passengers, the insurance under their employer will be in effect if an accident happens even without a customer in the vehicle. The comprehensive coverage is active if there is a passenger in the car. Therefore, the $1 million coverage caters to the driver and passenger. It is recognized under liability insurance, covering any damages sustained in an accident that happens during the ride.

Understanding the coverage levels the insurance policy rideshare companies take out for their employees helps you scrutinize the protection you enjoy when utilizing their services.

What Compensation Can I Get In An Uber Accident Claim?

Victims of an Uber car accident can file a claim pursuing various damages, which can be grouped into the following categories:

1)Physical Injuries

They address any harm or injury suffered in the accident. Cuts, broken bones, spinal damage, bruises, and other life-altering injuries sustained in an Uber accident. The attorney handling your case will help you seek compensation and recover medical bills and other related expenses.

2)Economic Losses

It addresses financial losses like lost wages, reduced productivity, and other expenses resulting from your injuries. Therefore, the accident settlement can consider the economic damages and pressing expenses like your treatment and recuperation costs.

3)Emotional Distress

– It focuses on issues that might not have a physical distinction but are severe as the injuries and losses suffered. The category address issues like anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. Your lawyer will evaluate your emotional distress to determine the compensation amount to pursue in the claim.

4)Loss of Life’s Pleasures

It touches on issues that impact or reduce your quality of life in areas like relationships and employment. The category also considers the loss of consortium and incapacity to enjoy life. Working with an experienced attorney ensures you have the best counsel that helps you navigate the legal requirements and process and improve the chances of getting the maximum compensation.

Should I Accept A Settlement Offer?

We highly recommend getting a comprehensive medical report from your healthcare provider before pursuing and accepting any settlement offer. Moreover, it is best to have a seasoned lawyer handling the process for you because insurance companies are keen on reducing the payout. The legal counsel representing you will assess all the facts to determine the best action that improves the odds of getting the maximum compensation.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Working closely with an experienced Uber accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is your best option if you want maximum compensation. Our skilled lawyer will ensure that you know and adhere to all legal requirements when filing a claim and will help you create an airtight case. Some of the areas the lawyer will assist you with include:

•Case Preparation

Take you through the records and interview eyewitnesses to ensure they get all the facts needed to build a winning strategy for your claim case.


Overseeing the negotiations with the insurance companies to ensure they present a fair settlement that covers your injuries, losses, and other damages.

•Trial Preparation

Ensuring your case is ready to go to trial if negotiations with the insurance companies fail. Our commitment to you is to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

How Much Will An Uber Accident Attorney Cost?

The lawyer you find at Klotzman Law Firm will not charge upfront fees when you come to us seeking legal help and guidance when filing an Uber car accident claim. We offer your services on a contingency basis; thus, you will pay after we help you get a fair settlement for your injuries and losses.

Is There A Deadline To Filing An Uber Accident Claim In Florida?

Under Florida laws, you must file your case four years from when the Uber accident occurred. The statute of limitation comes into effect from the time incident happened, though the stipulated time is subject to change depending on particular circumstances.

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Navigating the legal challenges associated with Uber accident claims can make you lose hope of getting compensation, but do not despair. Klotzman Law Firm has an experienced and reputable Fort Lauderdale Uber accident lawyer who can help you seek justice when filing your claim. We shall prioritize getting the maximum compensation that covers your injuries, losses, and other damages. Call us today at 754-799-7321 to schedule a non-obligatory case review and ensure your claim case starts on the best footing.

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