Motorcycle Accident: Why a Lawyer Is Critical to Your Case

A Hollywood, FL motorcycle accident lawyer plays a crucial role in helping victims get the compensation they deserve. Their responsibilities encompass various aspects of legal representation, from the initial investigation to the final resolution of the case.

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Initial Interview and Investigation

Upon retaining a motorcycle accident lawyer, the first thing they and their team will do for you will be to gather all relevant facts and evidence related to the incident. The attorney will conduct an initial client interview to understand the sequence of events leading up to and during the accident.

They will also collect police reports, medical records, photos of vehicles and the accident scene, witness contact information, and any other documents that could be useful for establishing liability and the extent of damages.

Gathering Evidence

An experienced accident attorney knows that quickly collecting evidence is critical. As time passes, memories fade, witnesses become unavailable, and physical evidence deteriorates or disappears.

Prompt action is necessary to identify all potentially liable parties and determine the cause of the accident while the evidence is still fresh. Photos of skid marks, debris, and the positioning of vehicles at the accident scene can provide clues to how the crash occurred and who may be at fault.

Witness statements are also best obtained as early as possible before recollections start to change. A lawyer will conduct thorough interviews with all witnesses, taking detailed written statements to capture their accounts while still clear in their minds. These statements can then be used to corroborate other evidence and in negotiations with insurance companies.

Knowledge of Motorcycle Accident Law and Procedures

Motorcycle accident attorneys understand the complex laws and processes involved in insurance claims and lawsuits stemming from motorcycle crashes. They know how to properly evaluate a claim, negotiate with insurance companies, and file a lawsuit if necessary. Their experience and expertise significantly increase the odds of a fair settlement or verdict.

you need an experienced lawyer to win your motorcycle crash claim

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are primarily concerned with their bottom line, not an individual claimant’s well-being. They may offer a quick, low settlement to avoid paying what is truly owed. A lawyer knows how to counter insurance company tactics to secure a full and fair settlement for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Negotiating a Settlement

An attorney’s negotiation skills are crucial. They will make a compelling case for a fair settlement based on the details of the accident and the severity of injuries. Their advocacy and experience give motorcycle accident victims the best chance of recovering damages without going to court. However, they are also fully prepared to take a case to trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

Maximizing Your Settlement

With legal representation, individuals have a much better chance of recovering damages from insurance companies and defendants.

Lawyers also understand how to accurately calculate the total costs resulting from a motorcycle crash, including current and future medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Settlements obtained by attorneys, on average, are 3.5 times higher than those obtained by individuals representing themselves.

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