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About the Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley Courthouse

The Chief Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach County, holds administrative authority over both Circuit and County Court Judges. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Chief Judge is supported by the Trial Court Administrator, Barbara Dawicke.

The original Palm Beach County Courthouse, constructed in 1916 and situated across the street from this location, is now referred to as the Palm Beach County Historical Courthouse. Tours of this historical site can be arranged through the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.

Subsequently, the present Main Judicial Courthouse was established in 1995 to meet the demands of Palm Beach County’s expanding population.

Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley Courthouse Services

The services provided at the Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley Courthouse includes all Court, Recording and Official Records services.

Court Services

The Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller’s office plays a crucial role in assisting Palm Beach County’s criminal, civil, and juvenile courts. Their responsibilities encompass processing, recording, and filing court documents, including but not limited to lawsuits, traffic tickets, divorce agreements, wills, domestic violence petitions, and tenant eviction cases.

Furthermore, their office provides services such as issuing marriage licenses and conducting wedding ceremonies, which are available by appointment only. They also accept passport applications at the North, South, and West County courthouses, again, exclusively by appointment.


  • Chief Judge Glenn Kelley
  • Judge Carolyn Bell
  • Judge August Bonavita
  • Judge April Bristow
  • Judge Marni Bryson
  • Judge Lauren Burke
  • Judge Frank S. Castor
  • Judge Maxine Cheesman
  • Judge Howard Coates, Jr.
  • Judge Sherri L. Collins
  • Judge G. Joseph Curley
  • Judge Luis Delgado
  • Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer
  • Judge Edward A. garrison
  • Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen
  • Judge Jaimie Goodman
  • Judge Bradley Harper
  • Judge Scott Ryan Kerner
  • Judge Gregory M. Keyser
  • Judge Kathleen J. Kroll
  • Judge James Nutt
  • Judge Robert Panse
  • Judge John J. Parnofiello
  • Judge Cymonie Rowe
  • Judge Ried P. Scott II
  • Judge Caroline Shepherd
  • Judge James Sherman
  • Judge Danielle Sherriff
  • Judge Daren Shull
  • Judge Sara L. Shullman
  • Judge Caryn Siperstein
  • Judge Lisa S. Small
  • Judge Scott Suskauer
  • Judge Stephanie F. tew
  • Judge Kirk C. Volker
  • Judge Daliah H. Weiss
  • Judge Sarah Willis
  • Judge Ashley Zuckerman

Location & Contact Information

205 North Dixie Hwy,
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Phone: (561) 355-2996


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