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Welcome to Klotzman Law Firm, the trusted advocate for injury victims in North Miami. Our skilled North Miami personal injury lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured due to the negligence of others. We understand that after an accident, you need someone who will fight for your rights and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Comprehensive Personal Injury Representation

Our law firm offers a broad range of personal injury legal services, focusing on Slip & Fall Accidents, Dog Bites, Premises Liability, and various Auto Accidents including Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Motorcycle Accidents. We understand the complexities of these cases in the state of Florida and have a proven track record of successful outcomes for our clients.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere at any time, often resulting in significant injuries that can affect every aspect of your life. Whether it occurred at a shopping center, a private residence, or a public space, if the accident was due to unsafe conditions that should have been addressed, you may have a case. Our North Miami personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling slip and fall claims and will work to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause severe injuries and significant trauma. In Florida, dog owners can be held liable for the actions of their pets, even if the dog has no history of aggression. The Klotzman Law Firm has experience in dealing with the specific laws that govern dog bite cases in Florida. We are committed to helping victims of dog bites navigate the legal system and secure the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Premises Liability

Property owners and managers in North Miami have a legal duty to maintain a safe environment for visitors. When they fail to do so, and someone is injured as a result, it may give rise to a premises liability claim. Our lawyers have extensive experience in premises liability law and are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive justice.

Auto Accidents

The attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm understand that each type of auto accident has its own set of complexities and legal nuances.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the most common types of auto accidents in North Miami. They can lead to life-altering injuries and substantial financial losses. Our firm’s expertise in handling car accident claims means that we are equipped to take on even the most challenging cases, ensuring that our clients’ rights are protected.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often involve serious injuries due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles. Navigating these cases requires an understanding of both state and federal transportation laws, as well as the ability to investigate the accident thoroughly. Our North Miami personal injury lawyers have the skills and resources necessary to handle these complex claims.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents frequently result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. Motorcyclists are more exposed and vulnerable on the road, and when accidents happen, the consequences can be severe. We are committed to helping motorcyclists who have been injured due to negligent drivers receive the compensation they need for their recovery.

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Why Choose Klotzman Law Firm?

Experience and Expertise

The legal team at Klotzman Law Firm brings years of experience and a wealth of expertise to every case. We have a deep understanding of personal injury law and are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest legal strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Personalized Attention

We believe that every client deserves personalized attention. Our North Miami personal injury lawyers take the time to understand the details of your case and your personal circumstances. We are dedicated to providing a tailored approach that meets your specific needs.

Results-Driven Approach

Our goal is to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We prepare every case as if it will go to trial, which positions us to negotiate from a place of strength. This results-driven approach has led to successful settlements and verdicts that reflect the true cost of our clients’ injuries and losses.

Compassionate Legal Care

We know that dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be an emotional and stressful time. Our team offers compassionate legal care, guiding our clients through each step of the legal process with empathy and understanding.

No Fees Unless We Win

At Klotzman Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not pay any attorney’s fees unless we win your case. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality legal representation, regardless of their financial situation.

Navigating the personal injury legal process in Florida can be a complex journey, one that involves several steps and legal considerations. If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, understanding this process is crucial for protecting your rights and pursuing compensation. Here is an overview of the typical stages you may encounter with a personal injury claim in Florida.

Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer

The first step after suffering a personal injury in Florida is to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. During this meeting, you’ll discuss the details of your accident, the extent of your injuries, and the impact on your life. The attorney will evaluate the viability of your claim, explain your rights, and what you might expect if you proceed with a legal case.

Investigation and Documentation

Your lawyer will begin an investigation to gather all the necessary evidence to build a strong case. This includes obtaining police reports, medical records, and any other relevant documentation. Photographs, witness statements, and expert testimony may also be crucial. This evidence serves to establish liability and the extent of your damages.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Most personal injury cases in Florida start with filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Your lawyer will handle all communications and negotiations with insurers to avoid any missteps that could jeopardize your claim.

Demand for Settlement

Once your attorney has gathered all necessary information and your medical condition is fully understood, they will typically send a demand letter to the insurance company. This letter outlines the facts of the case, establishes liability, details your injuries and damages, and demands a specific amount of compensation.


Negotiation is a critical phase where many personal injury claims are settled without the need for a lawsuit. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company in an effort to reach a fair settlement. This can involve several rounds of offers and counteroffers.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, your attorney may advise filing a lawsuit in the appropriate Florida court. This step elevates your claim to the attention of the courts and can sometimes motivate an insurer to offer a better settlement to avoid the unpredictability of a jury trial.

Discovery Phase

After a lawsuit is filed, the case enters the discovery phase, where each side investigates the other’s legal claims and defenses. Discovery can include depositions, requests for documents, and interrogatories. This process can be lengthy, but it is essential for gathering the evidence required to support your case in court.

Mediation and Negotiation

Even after a lawsuit is filed, the possibility of settlement remains. Florida courts often require parties to participate in mediation before a case goes to trial. Mediation involves a neutral third party who helps facilitate negotiation and settlement between the parties.


If a settlement is still not reached, your case will go to trial. During the trial, both sides present evidence and argue their case in front of a judge or jury. The trial process includes opening statements, witness testimony, cross-examination, and closing arguments.

Verdict and Judgment

After both sides have presented their case, the jury (or the judge in a bench trial) will deliberate and make a decision. If the jury finds in your favor, they will also determine the amount of compensation you should receive.


The losing side in a personal injury trial has the right to appeal the court’s decision. An appeal can extend the process significantly, and it generally focuses on legal errors that may have occurred during the trial.

Collection of Judgment

Winning a judgment is not the final step. Your attorney may need to take additional action to collect the compensation awarded by the court, especially if the defendant does not have sufficient insurance coverage or assets.

Throughout the personal injury legal process in Florida, specific timelines must be adhered to, including the statute of limitations, which is generally four years from the date of the accident for personal injury cases. However, this can vary based on the circumstances of your case, such as incidents involving government entities or cases of medical malpractice.

Moreover, Florida operates under a comparative negligence system. This means that if you are found to be partially at fault for the accident, your compensation may be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to you.

The role of a personal injury lawyer in this process is invaluable. An experienced attorney can guide you through each step, ensuring that your case is handled effectively and your rights are protected. If you’re in North Miami and find yourself in need of assistance with a personal injury claim, contacting a reputable law firm like Klotzman Law Firm is an important step toward obtaining the justice and compensation you deserve.

Begin Your Journey to Justice

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in North Miami, you need a legal team that is prepared to fight for you. Klotzman Law Firm is here to provide the aggressive representation and compassionate support you need during this challenging time.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a North Miami personal injury lawyer. Let us help you navigate the legal system and work towards the compensation you deserve.

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