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The Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building offers the following court services:

Criminal Court – Felony Cases

The Miami-Dade Criminal Court is comprised of two levels of operations: Circuit Criminal and County Criminal.

Circuit Criminal receives and processes all felony affidavits of probable cause, grand jury indictments and arrest warrants. This section conducts two felony bond hearings daily via a video transmission between the courtroom and pre-trial detention center.

District Court Hearings

District Court Hearings include Family Court, which handles three broad categories of cases: domestic relations, probate, and domestic violence.

Jury Service

The State of Florida uses a one day/one trial jury management system. That means that on the day you report for jury service your obligation is to be available to the court for possible selection on a trial.

If you are not selected to serve on a trial or in an ongoing selection by the end of the first day, you will not have to report again the next day. However, if on your first day you are selected on a trial or in a selection process, you must serve until the end of the trial selection process or until the judge indicates that you are no longer needed.

Traffic Violations & Misdemeanor Cases

There are two types of traffic citations: a civil traffic infraction and a criminal traffic violation. Traffic citations contain a combination of seven numbers and letters.

A criminal traffic violation is issued in a case in which a person is suspected of committing a traffic violation which is punishable as a misdemeanor offense. A driver can be arrested when charged with a criminal traffic offense.

County Criminal maintains the records of all misdemeanor arrests, certain civil infractions like boating and wildlife violations and municipal ordinance violations and is part of the Traffic/Misdemeanor Division.

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