What Slip and Fall Accidents Are Common on Hollywood, Florida Small Business Properties?

Premises liability lawsuits are filed when a dangerous condition on someone’s property causes a personal injury. Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common reasons for a victim to pursue a premises liability claim.

The victim has the burden of showing that the owner was negligent in causing or allowing the hazardous condition. To do so, it’s important to understand which types of slip and fall accidents frequently occur on small business properties.

Have you been injured because of an irresponsible property owner? The Hollywood, Florida slip and fall accident attorneys of Klotzman Property Damage Law have you covered.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

It is the obligation of every small business to keep its property reasonably safe for customers and visitors. If a company fails to, and someone gets injured, the victim can seek monetary damages. A slip and fall may happen on a business property because of the following reasons.

Wet or Greasy Surfaces

Restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments must be particularly mindful of their floors. Spilled liquids, dropped food, and items that block the free flow of foot traffic can cause major injury to patrons.

But this risk is not isolated to food and beverage businesses. All companies must be careful about wet surfaces. If it’s raining outside, customers walking in will carry water with them. The floors can quickly become slick and lead to an accident.

Slippery Exterior Surfaces

When bad weather hits, outside areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, and store entrances can become hazardous. Excessive and standing rainwater should be removed quickly from places where customers frequent.

A Hollywood, Florida slip and fall lawyer can help you hold the business liable for injuries occurring on the premises.

Broken and Uneven Flooring

Cracked, broken, uneven, and sinking floors can cause a customer to fall and get injured. These conditions can take a long time to develop, meaning they can sneak up if the property owner isn’t vigilant.

Dangerous Stairways

A business must make a reasonable effort to maintain its stairs. Uneven stairs, cracks in the stairs, and lack of safety railing are common causes of injury. Some stairs are high off the ground or difficult to notice, so patrons should be warned as they approach them.

Inadequate Lighting

Bad lighting can account for any number of slip and fall hazards on a business property. Without sufficient lighting, a customer may trip over an obstruction or slip on a wet surface. You should reach out to a Hollywood, Florida slip and fall accident lawyer if this happens.

Carpeting and Floor Mat Issues

The carpeting inside a business may be bunched up, bulging, torn, or loose. Floor mats can fold over and easily cause someone to trip and fall over them.

Lack of a Caution Sign

If a business identifies a hazard, it may take some time to fix it. But in the meantime, the business should display a caution sign to warn customers. Many accidents can be avoided simply by directing patrons away from the dangerous condition.

Our Firm Is Here to Secure Your Right to Compensation

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, try to take pictures to document the dangerous condition. The business owner may try to hide or destroy evidence if you don’t take this step.

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