Steps to Take After Being in a Car Accident in Hollywood, Florida

Being in a car accident can be frightening, especially if you’ve been injured. But understanding what steps to take will keep you calm and focused on properly handling it. The decisions you make after being in a car wreck will affect your health and legal rights.

Retaining an experienced Hollywood, Florida car accident lawyer will make a difference. Klotzman Law Firm is here to offer you some tips on what to do right after your wreck.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The first and most important step to take is to seek medical attention for yourself and your passengers. This is critical because many victims underestimate how severe their injuries are. They may even incorrectly believe they weren’t hurt.

But car accident injuries can take hours or even days to show up. Your condition could dramatically worsen if you don’t see a doctor. No matter how minor the wreck was, protect your health and see a medical professional.

There’s another reason to see a doctor. If you fail to, and your injuries worsen, the at-fault driver’s attorney and insurance company will try to blame you. They will argue that you aggravated your injuries by neglecting to have them properly treated.

Any major delay between a car accident and a doctor’s visit can jeopardize your legal right to compensation. After seeing your doctor, speak with a knowledgeable Hollywood, Florida car crash lawyer.

Call 911 and Get a Copy of the Police Report

Whether you take it on your own to visit an emergency room or need an ambulance, call 911. In addition to providing medical treatment, you can ask the police to respond to the scene. The police will then generate a report which contains vital information about the accident.

This police report typically includes the identities of the parties and the date, time, and location of the collision. Your Hollywood, Florida automobile accident attorney will later obtain a copy of this report to use in your claim.

Start Gathering Evidence

You can begin building your own case by gathering some of the evidence you will need. This includes:

  • Pictures and video of the accident scene, including the damage to your vehicle
  • Witness names and contact information
  • Copies of medical bills to detail the hospitalization and other treatments you received
  • Lists of prescription medications, adaptive medical equipment, and other items
  • Records detailing the wages you’ve lost due to recovery, medical appointments, and more

A Hollywood, Florida car wreck lawyer will assist with the evidence-gathering process. This includes conducting a thorough investigation and obtaining records and information from the at-fault driver. Your attorney will also consult with accident reconstructionists as needed to recreate how the wreck happened.

All of this evidence will be used to substantiate your claims when dealing with the insurance company.

Retain a Car Accident Attorney in Hollywood, Florida

It is critical that you hire a Hollywood, Florida car accident lawyer at your earliest convenience. You can expect to hear from the driver’s insurance company about the wreck.

Communications with insurers are sensitive matters because claims adjusters will attempt to use any information it obtains against you. Also, you could need assistance dealing with your own automobile insurance company.

Our firm will handle all communications and negotiations with insurers so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. If a settlement is possible, it can save you time and money going forward. But if the insurance companies will not make reasonable offers to settle your claim, we’re prepared to take your matter to court.

Let Us Go to Work for You

If someone’s negligent conduct caused your automobile accident, it’s time to explore your legal options. You have the right to seek monetary compensation for financial and other losses you suffered. This is where our Hollywood personal injury lawyers come in.

Call us today to get started on your Hollywood, Florida car accident claim.