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About the Third District Court of Appeal

In the Third District Court of Appeal, the primary objectives of appealing from trial courts are to rectify detrimental errors through a review conducted by a multi-judge panel comprising experienced judges and to foster precision and uniformity in the law. This is achieved by publishing opinions that delineate the pertinent case facts and the correct application of the law to those facts.

The district courts of appeal possess the authority to consider appeals arising from final judgments in circuit court cases, and in most county court cases, they can also evaluate specific non-final orders.

According to the general law, the district courts have been vested with the authority to scrutinize the ultimate decisions made by state agencies while performing their executive branch responsibilities.

Additionally, the district courts have been constitutionally authorized to issue extraordinary writs such as certiorari, prohibition, mandamus, quo warranto, and habeas corpus, as well as any other necessary writs to fully exercise their jurisdiction.

Third District Court of Appeal Judges

  • Chief Judge Thomas Logue
  • Judge Kevin Emas
  • Judge Ivan F. Fernandez
  • Judge Edwin A. Scales, III
  • Judge Norma S. Lindsey
  • Judge Eric Wm. Hendon
  • Judge Bronwyn C. Miller
  • Judge Monica Gordo
  • Judge Fleur J. Lobree
  • Judge Alexander S. Bokor

Clerk of the Court

  • Mercedes M. Pieto

Marshal of the Court

  • Veronica Antonoff

Location & Contact Information

2001 SW 117th Ave,
Miami, FL 33175

Phone: (305) 229-3200


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