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If you are looking for a good bicycle accident lawyer in Miami, you don’t have to look any further. Bicycle accidents are no laughing matter. Compensation should be expected when you suffer from serious injuries that are possible with a bicycle accident. In Florida, personal injury laws are in place to protect you from the person responsible for the accident.

Any expenses associated with the accident should be covered. The compensation you receive should cover medical bills and any lost income and could even cover you if you cannot work in the future. The damages should cover the economic portion and the non-economic issues associated with the accident.

That being said, it is no simple matter to file an insurance claim and collect compensation. The complications associated with a personal injury case are extensive, so you need to have a bicycle accident lawyer in Miami, FL, that is both experienced and knowledgeable. They will take your case and negotiate with the insurance company of the responsible party.

Any insurance company involved in such a case will have top defense lawyers in their corner. They don’t want to pay any money or as little as they can, so they will fight to achieve that goal. You can see why having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer is so urgent.

You can trust that the bicycle accident attorneys from Klotzman Law Firm will be your advocates and will fight for you.

Insurance companies want you to think that they are a good neighbor, and they put on a friendly face, but insurance companies are there to make a profit. They will do everything they can to deny, delay, and undervalue any claims. They also spend billions of dollars on advertising to make you think they are committed to their customers.

When you find yourself in a situation where you are fighting an insurance company, don’t try it alone. Our highly reputable bike accident lawyer in Miami is here to help you get beyond the insurance company’s tactics and secure the compensation you deserve.

A bike accident lawyer at Klotzman Law Firm are top tier and highly reputable. Millions of dollars have been won through our successful representation because we represent you with the best. Over the years, we have developed a team with the expertise, skills, and knowledge to maximize your benefits for any injury and the associated loss of wages.

The police are not necessarily going to back you up. In most cases, they will blame the cyclist, so the insurance company may try to deny any compensation. We refuse to accept their denial. When the insurance company says no, we ignore it and fight for you by aggressively pursuing a lawsuit on your behalf.

If you have the unfortunate issue of being associated with a Miami, FL, bicycle accident, you can contact Klotzman Law Firm at 754-799-7321. We will be there to ensure you get the maximum benefits for any injuries you experience. We know that this time may be financially and emotionally stressful, so we take the stress of getting compensated off of you.

We will be there for you throughout the entire legal process. We want you to know what is happening through every step, and we will do what is necessary to ensure you receive justice and compensation for your case. Klotzman Law Firm has a system in place that uses top technology. At the same time, we provide the compassion you need during a difficult time.

We are dedicated to focusing on your needs and paying attention to each detail of the case. It starts with a free consultation, but we will promptly reply any time you have a question or concern. Our multilingual staff uses technology that can assist us in keeping in touch with you. We also offer a payment option associated with a contingency fee. Our attention will be on you as our client.

To schedule a free consultation, contact us at 754-799-7321. We are ready to help you get the justice you deserve.

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What Are the Bicycle Laws in Florida?

Miami Bicycle Accident

The law protects you from being harmed by other vehicles if you operate a bicycle on the road in Florida. All drivers are legally responsible for giving cyclists the necessary room and preventing accidents.

If a bike lane is available, bicyclists are responsible for using it. Using the same lane as cars is also possible when traveling at the same speed. These rules are outlined in Florida statutes 316.2065.

If no bike lane is available, you don’t have to use the sidewalk, but it is an option to consider. According to Florida law, cyclists operating their bicycles on the street should stay “as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or the edge of the roadway.” Not all drivers are going to make this easy for cyclists to do.

As is the case with any rule, there are exceptions. If you are passing the rider, you can move from the shoulder into traffic. You can also enter traffic when preparing to turn left or to avoid a hazard, such as an object on the road.

To summarize, bicyclists are permitted under Florida law to operate their bicycles on the road. Other drivers are responsible for sharing the road and avoiding the possibility of bicycle accidents. Bike lanes should be utilized when available, but if there is no bike lane or if you are traveling the same speed as traffic, drivers should respect your right to use the street. These laws are in place to allow both cyclists and drivers to use the same road.

How Are Bicycle Accident Faults Determined in Florida?

Courts use something known as pure comparative law when determining bicycle accident liability. This is also true of any accidents, and it is sometimes called pure comparative negligence. It is to your benefit because you can receive damages, even if you are partially responsible for any injuries you sustained. Of course, others also have to be at fault. This is a significant consideration that can be to your benefit in the lawsuit.

To make it easier to understand, we offer this example. Imagine that another vehicle collided with you during the bicycle accident. Upon further looking into the accident, you were shown to have exceeded the speed limit, which may be associated with the collision.

In the court case, you present your evidence and arguments. The court finds that the driver has 80% responsibility for injuries and 20% of the blame falls on you. If you have a $100,000 claim for damages, you will receive $80,000. The other 20%, or $20,000, is your responsibility.

You should never underestimate the benefit of pure comparative fault in a personal injury case. The court considers the responsibility of each party in an accident when determining fault. They will look at both the defendant and the plaintiff to make the determination. This is common in Florida, and reduced damages may be awarded if you are shown to be partially responsible for what took place.

That may seem like bad news, but it could actually work to your benefit. Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you may be able to get some compensation. Pure comparative fault is often utilized when it is difficult to show that either the plaintiff or defendant are completely at fault.

Perhaps the most complicated part of the process is figuring out the percentage of fault. This is where litigation is often extended, and disagreements can occur. The plaintiff may bring evidence to show that the defendant is responsible for the accident. The principles may look good on paper, but they can also be challenging to apply in court, especially when the accident is complex and multiple parties are involved.

In Florida courts, pure comparative fault is a legal principle that is often used to determine liability. This includes bicycle accidents, as it may help plaintiffs to receive compensation for damages, even if they bear some responsibility for any injuries.

That being said, the compensation can be affected by the amount of fault assigned to the plaintiff. That is why the legal staff for the plaintiff has to give evidence that shows the liability associated with the defendant. In its pure form, this legal aspect can work well, but it is challenging when you try to apply it in real life.

What’s the Next Step When a Bicycle Accident Occurs?

If you are involved in a bicycle accident in Miami, FL, you may need clarification on the next step. There are a few things to do that can assist when an accident occurs.

The most important step in the process is to contact the police right away. Doing so will provide an official record associated with the accident. You should also receive a police report copy, as it will be used when a claim is filed.

You should get the information of the other party involved in the accident. Some pertinent information to receive includes the name, insurance, driver’s license, phone number, and address. Your information should also be provided to them.

After a bicycle accident, get medical assistance right away. Even if you aren’t feeling any pain, you should seek medical help because you may not feel the pain immediately due to an adrenaline rush. Keep copies of any medical records, as they will help to maximize your benefits when filing a claim.

If you have a smartphone or camera available, take pictures and video of the accident scene. Doing so can provide additional proof if anyone doubts what took place.

When speaking to the police, do not admit fault. You should always contact a personal injury lawyer first. It may be difficult to get the compensation you deserve if you admit fault.

The next step is to contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Miami, FL. Choose one that is both reliable and experienced, such as the team at Klotzman Law Firm. They can take your case and file a lawsuit to maximize any compensation you receive when you are injured.

What Damages Can You Expect from a Bicycle Accident Claim?

When you are in a bike accident in Florida, compensation should be expected for what took place. Some of the settlement will cover lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Generally speaking, most people struggle because of the medical bills associated with bicycle accidents. Doctor’s appointments and any visits to the hospital can add up very quickly. There may also be other medical treatments related to your injuries. You may be able to receive compensation for all expenses.

If you cannot work due to your injuries, lost wages may also be recovered. Included in that recovery are wages you may have earned if the injury did not take place. Additionally, if you are missing out on future earnings due to injuries, you may be able to receive damages for that as well.

There is a lot of physical harm associated with bicycle accidents but emotional suffering may also be evident. You may be compensated for pain and suffering to cover the stress you have experienced because of the accident. Pain and suffering compensation cover you for issues such as depression, anxiety, and scarring.

Punitive damages may also be awarded in some cases. These types of damages punish the other party involved in the accident because of what took place. Generally speaking, you will only receive punitive damages if the other party acted intentionally and recklessly.

Don’t hesitate to call a Miami accident lawyer if you are involved in a bicycle accident in Florida. The lawyer will use their experience to help you receive compensation for the injuries and turmoil suffered. The cost associated with the accident should not fall on your shoulders. If the right lawyer represents you, you will receive compensation for your injuries.

How Much Will You Pay for a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

One of the biggest questions about a bicycle accident case is associated with the cost. We want you to know that Klotzman Law Firm is here to help you. If you are concerned about the legal bill related to your case, talk to one of our personal injury attorneys to see what is possible.

We can offer a contingency fee structure for our clients in Miami, FL. In other words, no out-of-pocket cost will be paid, and you only have to pay a small percentage of any award once the lawsuit is complete.

We want you to know that the personal injury attorneys at Klotzman Law Firm want you to get the highest compensation possible. We also don’t want you to to pay the legal fees upfront that could make it difficult to get justice. As a result, our clients are offered a contingency fee structure so you pay no fees upfront and only a small fee when your case is one.

You deserve to receive compensation for the injuries associated with your bicycle accident. Don’t allow any fear of legal costs to keep you from receiving it. That is why you will only pay something once your claim is won. Contact us to discuss your case, and with any questions you have about our fee structure.

When Should I File a Claim?

miami bicycle accident claim

There is a statute of limitations for almost every legal issue in Florida. In Florida, the statute of limitations for bicycle accidents is four years. That clock starts running when you are in an accident. If you don’t file a case within four years after that date, the case will likely be dismissed.

In some cases, the deadline may be extended by the judge. This is sometimes seen when a minor is injured or if the injury is not seen until a later date.

You should not try to circumvent the statute of limitations when you want compensation for injuries associated with a bicycle accident. You may have difficulty winning the case if you miss the deadline. Talk to one of our competent attorneys today to understand the lawsuit’s legal requirements.

Why Is a Bike accident Lawyer Needed?

Klotzman Law Firm lawyers are dependable, and we offer advantages. This includes the preparation and filing of the case. We know the factors associated with getting your case prepared and ensure that all of the aspects of the case are considered in advance.

The negotiation of the settlement is another benefit we offer. It isn’t easy to negotiate with an insurance company, as they hire the top defense lawyers to reduce how much they will pay out in compensation. The expert bike accident attorneys with our firm can negotiate for you, ensuring that you receive as much compensation as possible.

Finally, the case goes to trial if the insurance company does not want to pay what you deserve. Our team has the experience and knowledge to prepare for trial and represent you so that the maximum compensation is realized.

Those are the top reasons to hire the best bicycle accident lawyers from Klotzman Law Firm. To sum up, those benefits include filing and preparing your case, negotiating with skill, and representing you during the trial. We want you to get what you deserve, so contact our personal injury lawyers today for more information.

Undoubtedly, the trauma associated with a bicycle accident is challenging, especially when injuries are involved. If you are in that situation in Miami, FL, you are well within your rights to demand compensation from the other party involved in the accident. The legal process associated with such a demand is complex, which is why a personal injury lawyer is essential.

The highly qualified lawyers at Klotzman Law Firm can represent you in any bicycle accident case. The experience of our lawyers exists because similar cases have already been handled, and we have the history to show that our clients receive maximum compensation.

When you hire us, you can rest assured that your case will get the professional attention it deserves. You can also expect to be compensated for your injuries. If you would like more information or to hire one of our bicycle accident lawyers, contact us right away at 754-799-7321.

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