What Do Expert Witnesses Do in a Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury lawsuits are heard by jurors, everyday people who live in the victim’s community. These laypersons are tasked with understanding all the facts of the case so they can render a verdict. Most people, however, do not have sufficient knowledge about the more complicated aspects of personal injury lawsuits.

To help jury members learn what they need to know, expert witnesses are frequently relied upon in trial. The Fort Lauderdale personal injury firm of Klotzman Property Damage Law has a reliable network of expert witnesses. Consulting them and using their testimony is part of what we do to build a winning case for our clients.

Lay Versus Expert Witnesses

In general, there are two types of witnesses in personal injury lawsuits: lay and expert. Lay witnesses are competent to testify about the basic facts of a case. They can tell a court what they saw, heard, or otherwise perceived or know about the accident or injury.

But some information is much more complex. It may need to be explained or interpreted. Or the jury might need to know facts that are not commonly understood by the general population. Lay witnesses are not able to testify about highly technical subjects requiring specialized knowledge.

This is where the expert witness comes in. This individual draws upon his or her education and background to help jurors better understand key facts in the case. An expert witness can establish the plaintiff’s claims or refute the defendant’s arguments.

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How Your Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Uses Expert Witnesses

Depending on the nature of your case, you may need a variety of expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. These are some common examples.

Accident Reconstructionists

Accident reconstruction experts explain how an automobile or other type of accident took place. A lay witness may have observed the accident but likely doesn’t know all of the critical events surrounding it. Or there may have been no witnesses to the accident.

By analyzing the crash scene, including the wrecked vehicles, this expert witness can reconstruct what happened. This goes a long way in establishing the at-fault driver’s negligence.

Medical Experts

These witnesses are often called upon to explain a victim’s injuries, treatments, and prognosis. This testimony is especially useful in seeking future damages. It is critical to have this testimony because you will probably need medical attention long after your lawsuit ends. Treatments may last for months or years into the future, possibly even for the rest of your life.

Your Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer will use medical expert testimony to seek maximum damages.


Personal injuries cause serious financial consequences. You could miss time from work or struggle to work the same job you had before your accident. That could spell missed future earnings, promotions, bonuses, benefits, and career opportunities.

Economists can help assign dollar values to past, present, and future job-related losses you suffer. A vocational expert, for instance, can discuss the type of work you may be able to do in light of your injuries.

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Personal injury cases are serious, and they demand serious legal representation. At Klotzman Property Damage Law, we understand how important your case is. We are committed to utilizing our resources to make a compelling argument for the damages you deserve. Our expert witnesses are ready to use their skills to support your lawsuit claims.

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