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In the United States, distracted driving has emerged as a pressing issue for highway safety, leading to a significant number of accidents and casualties. Shockingly, approximately 9 individuals lose their lives, and more than 1,000 people sustain injuries each day due to distracted driving incidents.

This harrowing statistic translates to around 368,285 individuals affected by driving accidents each year. If you or a loved one has recently been harmed or has tragically lost their life in an accident involving distracted driving, it is imperative to take swift action.

Contacting a Florida distracted driving accident lawyer is the first step towards seeking justice and rightful compensation for your suffering.

Recovering Damages in a Florida Distracted Driving Accident Case

In the aftermath of a distracted driving accident in Florida, victims of car accidents may seek damages to address various losses incurred. These damages generally fall into two primary categories: compensatory damages and punitive damages. Let’s delve into compensatory damages first, which aim to provide financial relief to injured victims for the harm they’ve suffered due to the accident.

Medical Expenses

Compensatory damages cover a wide range of medical expenses resulting from the accident. This may encompass hospital bills, emergency transportation costs, rehabilitation treatments, prescription expenses, and other healthcare-related outlays. These damages aim to ease the financial burden caused by medical bills and other costs incurred due to the accident.

Lost Wages

In the event of an accident that leads to injuries, victims may either recover compensation or be forced to take time off work to recover. Compensatory damages can include compensation for lost wages, both current and potential future earnings. Serious injuries may result in prolonged wage loss or reduced earning capacity, further justifying the need for compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Plaintiffs in Florida have the opportunity to seek compensation for pain and suffering directly caused by the car crash. These damages recognize the emotional and physical distress endured by the victim as a result of the accident. Calculating pain and suffering damages can be complex, and it’s advisable to consult with a skilled Florida distracted driving accident lawyer to assess and determine the appropriate compensation.

Loss of Consortium

In cases where an individual has been injured or has lost their life due to another person’s intentional, negligent, or wrongful actions, their spouse can pursue compensation for the losses incurred. This legal concept is referred to as “loss of consortium” and covers the emotional and practical losses experienced by the spouse.

On the other hand, punitive damages serve a different purpose. They are intended to act as a deterrent or punishment for the defendant’s actions. In Florida, punitive damages claims require evidence of a “Reasonable Basis” for their recovery, and the defendant’s financial worth may not be disclosed until the court determines the permissibility of punitive damages.

Time Limits for Filing a Claim in Florida

The timeline for filing a personal injury claim in Florida varies based on several factors, including the type of injury and liability considerations. In most cases, victims have up to four years from the date of the accident to initiate a claim. However, it’s essential to consult with a legal professional to determine the specific statute of limitations applicable to your case.

The Importance of a Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

If you’ve sustained injuries in an accident caused by distracted driving, seeking legal counsel from a distracted driving accident lawyer is crucial. While an attorney cannot alleviate emotional suffering, they can assist you in pursuing the financial compensation you rightfully deserve. Their expertise in navigating the legal complexities of distracted driving cases ensures that you have the best chance of a successful outcome.

Defining Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a categorization of ‘negligent’ driving behavior. It occurs when a driver’s attention is diverted away from the primary task of focusing on the road. Numerous potential distractions inside a vehicle can lead to this perilous situation, including:

  • Playing Loud Music: Cranking up the volume on the stereo can draw a driver’s focus away from the road, making them less aware of their surroundings.
  • Cellular Devices: Phones, tablets, or GPS systems demand visual and cognitive attention, causing drivers to take their eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel.
  • Distractions in the Backseat: Children engaged in roughhousing or fighting in the back of the car can be a significant distraction for the driver.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by negligence on the road, it is crucial to seek legal representation promptly. Klotzman Law Firm, with its team of experienced personal injury attorneys, is here to provide the guidance and support you need during these challenging times.

Don’t delay; take action today to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact our dedicated Florida distracted driving accident lawyers for a free consultation, and let us fight for justice on your behalf. Your well-being and financial recovery are our top priorities.

Understanding the Different Types of Distracted Driving

It is very easy for a distracted driver to miss either a roadway emergency

Distracted driving encompasses various forms of risky behavior, each presenting its unique risks. It can be categorized into three main types, each of which has the potential to lead to accidents and endanger lives:

Visual Distractions

One of the fundamental principles of safe driving is maintaining an uninterrupted view of the road at all times. Visual distractions occur when a driver’s attention is diverted away from the road, forcing them to look elsewhere. These distractions include activities like reading a text message on your phone or turning around to check on your baby in the backseat. Even momentary glances away from the road can have severe consequences.

Manual Distractions

Safe driving also entails keeping both hands firmly on the steering wheel. Manual distractions occur when a driver’s hands are occupied with activities other than controlling the vehicle. These distractions can include eating, drinking, applying makeup, or holding your phone with one hand while driving. Any action that necessitates a driver taking your hands off the steering wheel poses a significant risk to road safety.

Cognitive Distractions

Cognitive distractions involve the driver’s mental focus being diverted from the task of driving and the road ahead. When your driver’s mind is preoccupied with other thoughts or tasks, you become less attentive to your driving responsibilities. This type of distraction is particularly hazardous and can lead to fatal or serious accidents. Examples of cognitive distractions encompass talking on your cell phone or engaging in conversations with other passengers in your vehicle.

Florida’s Distracted Driver Laws Addressing

In the state of Florida, distracted driving is tackled through various legal measures, with most instances falling under the umbrella of reckless driving offenses. Florida defines distracted driving as any activity that causes a driver to take their hands off the steering wheel, divert their gaze from the road, or shift their focus away from driving. Such distractions encompass cognitive, visual, or manual distraction, elements that detract from safe driving.

Efforts to Curb Distracted Driving in Florida

Florida has implemented laws aimed at curbing distracted driving and enhancing road safety. In particular, the hand-held device laws enacted in 2019 have empowered traffic officers to take action against drivers observed operating their vehicles while distracted by devices like phones.

Previously, officers could only issue citations for distracted driving if they had pulled over drivers for other offenses. These stringent measures demonstrate Florida’s commitment to reducing distracted driving incidents and their associated risks.

If you’ve been involved in a distracted driving accident, it’s essential to understand your rights and seek legal guidance. Contact our experienced Florida distracted driving accident lawyers for a free consultation. We’re here to advocate for your interests and help you secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Your safety is our priority.

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