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A brain injury is among the most devastating issues we can experience in life. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t go it alone. Ensure you have the top Hollywood brain injury lawyer by your side.

In this article, you will learn more about the types of brain injuries and how they can affect you. We will also discuss some of the different ways that they can occur.

Finally, we will introduce you to the benefits of using an brain injury lawyer to help with everything from medical bills and loss of income to damages for pain and suffering.

Read on to learn more about what Klotzman Law Firm can do for you in such a situation. You can also contact us to discuss your injury and learn more about the possible solutions. Call us at 754-799-7321 today to speak to our Hollywood personal injury lawyers.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Brain Injury?

It may seem simple to know if you have a brain injury. In reality, it is a medical condition that requires a specific diagnosis.

That being said, there are also specific ways to determine if you are suffering from brain damage. This includes symptoms you may be experiencing and the fact that you experienced an injury in such a way.

The most important thing to do when facing this type of situation is to get medical treatment. Medical professionals will help you with your problem, including providing tests to verify if you do have a traumatic brain injury.

In addition, seeking medical attention can help you get on the road to recovery. There may be treatments or medications available to help limit or reverse some of your symptoms.

Perhaps the most critical benefit of getting a medical diagnosis is knowing the outcome. If you are concerned that you may have a brain injury, knowing the facts can help to put your mind at ease and get you started down the right path.

When you are in a situation involving a lawsuit, getting a medical diagnosis is important on another level. Having that diagnosis can help your case to move forward. Contact Klotzman Law Firm today for more information.

We will discuss the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury further in this article. Just be aware that not all symptoms will be the same for each brain injury. In addition, they may not show up right away.

What Are Some of the Leading Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury can occur for more reasons than can be listed. There are specific issues, however, that are more likely to lead to this type of injury. Here are the top causes:

  • Falls – Leading the list is experiencing a TBI due to a fall. This can include a fall from a height, but it may also be a trip and fall or slip and fall accidentYou don’t need to fall far to experience a traumatic brain injury. Often, these types of falls are due to the negligence of others, and if that is the case, contact us, and we will look into your situation.
  • Struck by – Another issue that can lead to traumatic brain injury is being struck by an object. This could include something thrown or dropped that comes in contact with your head.
  • Traffic Accidents – Although this is not the leading cause of traumatic brain injury, it is often associated with some negligence. If you are in an accident that is not entirely your fault and experience a TBI, contact us immediately.
  • Assault – This is a common reason why traumatic brain injury occurs. It is a life-changing event if you are assaulted and experience a brain injury. In many cases, this type of assault can lead to a legal claim. You can call us at 754-799-7321 for more information.

Millions of people suffer from traumatic brain injury every year. Regardless of why it happens, it can affect your health, mental outlook, and financial security.

Compensation is often possible if a traumatic brain injury occurs due to negligence. Contact Klotzman Law Firm today to find out how.

Car accidents can lead to brain injuries

What Are the Types of Brain Injuries?

Not every brain injury is the same. Even if it falls into the same category, it may be different according to the individual, severity, and why it occurred.

Brain injuries are typically lumped into categories. Here are the most common categories for brain injury types:

  • Open Injury – Undoubtedly, this is one of the most serious brain injuries. In an open injury, the brain experiences some type of penetration. Being shot by a bullet is the most common type of open brain injury. There can be any number of different items that could penetrate the skull and cause an open injury.
  • Closed Injury – Generally speaking, this is the type of injury that occurs due to a fall. It can also happen with a car accidentThe brain experiences an injury, but there is no skull penetration in a closed traumatic brain injury.
  • Declaration Injury – With this type of brain injury, sudden, unrestricted head movement causes the brain to contact the inside of the skull. Declaration injuries can result in a lack of consciousness or death. Any number of other brain injury symptoms may also be associated with this type of TBI.
  • Chemical/Toxic – Exposure to a chemical, such as pesticides or a strong cleaning chemical, can lead to this type of traumatic brain injury. Exposure to carbon monoxide or lead can also cause this issue. Not every chemical is going to cause this type of problem. Some don’t cross over and penetrate the brain, but if the chemical can pass the blood-brain barrier, it could lead to this issue.
  • Hypoxia – Finally, this traumatic brain injury occurs when your brain is cut off from oxygen. It typically occurs as a result of a stroke or heart attack. Other traumatic brain injuries associated with hypoxia include drowning and tumors. Some infections can also rob your brain of oxygen, leading to this problem.

What are the Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Many symptoms may be associated with a traumatic brain injury. The symptoms may show up immediately, or they could occur over time.

Not every person who experiences a traumatic brain injury will have the same symptoms. That is why it is so important to get medical attention when you feel that a traumatic brain injury has occurred.

Here are some common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury:

  • Fatigue
  • Concentration Problems
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Loss of Memory
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Uncontrolled Outbursts
  • Seizures
  • Lack of Balance
  • Noise and Light Sensitivity
  • Inability to Perform Regular Tasks

Seizures can occur from brain injuries

Why is it Important to See a Doctor After a Head Injury?

When you experience an injury that could be associated with a traumatic brain injury, seeking medical attention is a high priority. Not only can it help in a court case, but it can also save your life.

Perhaps one of the more important reasons you should seek medical attention for a head injury is that you may not have any symptoms. A brain injury is sometimes hard to notice, and you may delay treatment if you don’t have symptoms.

Even a temporary brain injury, such as a concussion, could last a few weeks and cause serious problems. It may have long-lasting repercussions that could limit your ability to earn a living and care for your family.

Having a medical diagnosis is also essential for legal reasons. If you have a traumatic brain injury and a physician does not diagnose it, it may be difficult to prove later.

Then again, you should consider the severe issues that could occur if a head injury is not treated. It could get worse, and the brain damage could end up being irreversible. Death may occur in some cases.

If brain damage worsens, it could lead to problems with your motor function or cognitive issues. These problems may not be evident initially, but the long-term effects are sometimes worse than the short-term effects.

It is essential to look for symptoms such as what we listed above. However, if you have a head injury of any sort, it’s best to get a medical opinion and the tests necessary to treat any severe problems.

Why Should I Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer?

The symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury can be very troubling. The long-term issues can include more than physical problems. It can also limit your ability to earn a living.

That is why contacting a traumatic brain injury lawyer is crucial. You are already struggling with various issues associated with your head injury, and these types of cases can be challenging to navigate.

The earlier you contact the Hollywood brain injury lawyer, the better. Although getting medical attention is a priority, a brain injury lawyer can keep you from making statements or agreeing to certain conditions that could limit your ability to recover financially.

You don’t have to be going through a severe brain injury for it to impact your life. Even minor injuries that involve the brain can have long-lasting and far-reaching repercussions.

Regardless of whether it is a severe injury, any traumatic brain injury is difficult to prove. You will have the medical records, but you also need someone in your corner to defend your case.

More than likely, you will be contacted by other attorneys working for the insurance company. It is vital that you do not give them a statement, and you should never admit fault.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They are not a “Good Neighbor” and will not stand in your corner. They will hire the best attorneys to fight tooth and nail and ensure they pay as little as possible.

When you hire Klotzman Law Firm, you can rest assured that you will have a brain injury lawyer in your corner that will fight for you every step of the way. It can take a lot of stress off of you and allow you to focus on your recovery while we focus on your case.

Can Insurance Companies Obtain My Past Medical Records?

When you experience a head injury, you may get calls from insurance companies. They may ask you various questions, but Klotzman Law Firm will help you navigate that system.

One of the concerns you may have is if insurance companies can see your past medical records. That may be troubling, especially as you are dealing with a lot of issues at this time.

Thanks to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, typically known as HIPPA, you have to provide written consent before anyone can see your past medical records.

Unless you give an insurance company permission, they do not have the right to view your medical information.

As you can imagine, however, those insurance companies will try to pressure you into divulging information that can benefit them. They will act like your friend on the phone, perhaps even telling you they can work to get you compensated, but they are actually trying to pay less.

Then again, if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, your prior medical history may become relevant. That is wide is so essential to contact brain injury lawyers at Klotzman Law Firm before you begin the process. They will ensure that your privacy is kept at the highest level possible.

Insurance companies are going to do what they can to take advantage of you. They know that you are in a very stressful situation, and they will try to make you feel as if they are there for you.

Contact us, and we will speak to the insurance company for you. If you receive any calls, just take down their information and let them know someone will be in touch. We will fight for you.

What Happens if the Insurance Company Refuses to Pay My Medical Bills?

One of the more stressful things that can happen when you are already dealing with a traumatic brain injury is for an insurance company to refuse to pay your medical bills. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, but you do have rights.

When you are in this situation, contact Klotzman Law Firm. A Hollywood brain injury lawyer will stand in your corner and do everything to ensure that your medical expenses are covered.

Anytime an insurance company denies your claim, you have the right to appeal. There are specific ways to do so that can work to your benefit.

You may also need to dispute the refusal to pay your medical bills legally. This can be part of the process that we work to ensure you are financially and physically covered.

In some cases, it may just be an oversight of documentation or perhaps things weren’t filed properly. Even smaller details can be challenging to recognize when dealing with a traumatic brain injury.

Contact us, and we will help you navigate the system and ensure that the insurance company pays what it must pay.

What Compensation Can I Receive for a Brain Injury?

One of the more common questions people ask when they experience a brain injury is if they can receive compensation. They may also wonder how much compensation will be received.

Traumatic brain injury cases are among the more severe ones that involve personal injury lawsuits.

Although the specific amount can differ from one person to another, you can always rest assured that Klotzman Law Firm will work hard to get you the maximum allowed.

The settlement or outcome of a brain injury case can also include many different factors. It isn’t just a matter of being covered for your medical expenses. Brain injuries affect lives in many different ways. Here are a few types of compensation:

Medical Bills – One of the most significant expenses that will be covered in a traumatic brain injury lawsuit is any medical bills. This is not only true of medical bills you have already paid, but they may have to cover any future medical bills associated with your injury.

Loss of Income – It can be devastating when you experience a traumatic brain injury and cannot care for your physical needs. You may experience a change in circumstances where you can’t work temporarily or permanently.

In this case, you can receive compensation for the loss of income. Again, this is not only the income you have already lost. It is any future income you may have earned and cannot earn due to the injury.

Pain-And-Suffering – It isn’t only the economic damages that are covered in these cases. You may also receive non-economic damages for any pain and suffering.

Burial Costs – In some cases, a lawsuit may be filed on behalf of the injured individual if they lose their life. Burial costs may be included in this type of wrongful death case.

Are There Time Limits for Filing a TBI Claim in Florida?

There is a statute of limitations on almost every type of legal claim. This is also true in Florida, and there is a time limit for filing a TBI claim in the state.

If you are going to file a personal injury lawsuit, you have four years to do so from the date of the accident. In other words, the clock starts ticking as soon as the accident occurs.

Since some traumatic brain injury symptoms do not show up for months or years, you can see why getting a diagnosis and hiring a Hollywood brain injury lawyer right away is essential.

There may be other factors that can limit the time available for filing a legal claim. Contact a brain injury lawyer at Klotzman Law Firm today for more information.

Contact an Experience Hollywood Brain Injury Lawyer Today!

We covered a lot of information in this article. To sum things up, however, there are steps you should take immediately upon experiencing a head injury.

Your health and well-being are paramount, so you should always see a doctor. They can diagnose any head injury or traumatic brain injury.

Having the diagnosis can also help to get you compensated. You will work with a top Hollywood brain injury lawyer when you contact our office. We will stand in your corner and fight for your rights.

In a traumatic brain injury case, you may struggle with medical bills, a lack of employment, and an uncertain future. Those factors can stress you greatly, but each can be covered when you seek compensation from the responsible party.

Contact Klotzman Law Firm today, and we will help to get your case in front of the right people. We will work in your corner to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Call us at 754-799-7321 today to speak to a brain injury lawyer.

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