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Help for Drunk Driving Accident Cases

Drunk driving accidents, often caused by drivers under the influence, are highly preventable yet can lead to fatal crashes and serious injuries.

Victims in Florida, burdened with medical expenses and severe injuries, need the expertise of a DUI Accident Lawyer. Klotzman Law Firm specializes in representing drunk driving accident victims, ensuring fair compensation.

Florida’s drunk driving laws aim to protect those affected by such accidents. Klotzman Law Firm’s experienced DUI Accident Lawyers offer comprehensive legal support, helping victims secure compensation for damages, including medical bills and emotional trauma.

For guidance and representation in Florida DUI accident cases, contact Klotzman for a free consultation to understand your rights and secure the best outcome for your case.

What Are The BAC Limits In Florida?

Florida DUI accident attorney

BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content, is a critical measure used to determine the concentration of alcohol in an individual’s bloodstream. In Florida, the legal limit for BAC is set at .08. Drivers found with a BAC exceeding this limit are at risk of being charged with serious offenses. Such violations in Florida can lead to charges of a third-degree felony, especially in cases involving DUI accidents or impaired driving.

Florida law is stringent when it comes to drunk driving and the consequences for those caught driving with a BAC above the limit are severe. These consequences can include license revocation, imposing a significant impact on the driver’s ability to commute and maintain their daily routines. Additionally, offenders may face exorbitant fines, which can be a financial burden, especially when coupled with potential medical expenses or damages from drunk driving accidents.

In more severe cases, such as those involving drunk driving accidents leading to serious injuries or fatalities, the offender could face incarceration. This reflects the state’s commitment to reducing drunk driving incidents and protecting the public from the dangers posed by intoxicated drivers. It’s a clear message that Florida takes drunk driving, and the risks it poses to accident victims, very seriously.

What To Do After An Accident With A Drunk Driver?

Following a DUI accident, it’s crucial to take appropriate steps to ensure safety and legal protection. Here are key actions to take:

Contact Police:

In the event of a DUI accident, immediately call 911. This ensures a swift response from law enforcement to address any drunk driving violations and emergency personnel to attend to injuries or serious bodily harm.

Check on Others Involved:

Prioritize checking on all parties involved in the crash. In cases of serious injuries, it’s vital to get medical aid promptly. This is crucial in DUI accidents where drunk drivers may have caused significant harm.

Exchange Info:

Gather essential information from the other driver, including their license plate, insurance company details, and driver’s license number. This is important for any legal or insurance claims, especially in Florida where drunk driving accident cases may lead to civil claims.

Record the Scene:

Documenting the accident scene with photos and videos is essential. This visual evidence can be crucial in drunk driving accident cases, providing clear details about the crash and the involved motor vehicles.

Never Admit Fault:

After a DUI accident, refrain from admitting culpability or apologizing, as these statements can be used against you in legal proceedings, whether it’s a civil claim or a case involving a drunk driver.

Seek Medical Attention:

Ensure you receive medical attention for any injuries. Medical records serve as evidence linking your injuries to the DUI accident, which is important for any legal action in Florida, be it for personal injury or to cover medical expenses.

Call a Florida Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer:

Consulting with a skilled DUI accident lawyer is critical. They can guide you through your legal options, ensuring your rights are protected, especially in Florida where drunk driving laws are strict. They can assist in securing compensation for damages like lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering caused by the DUI accident.

These steps are not only crucial for your safety and health but also play a vital role in any legal proceedings related to the DUI accident in Florida.

What Damages Can You Recover After a Drunk Driving Accident in Florida?

If you’ve been injured or have suffered bodily harm in a DUI accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for various damages. These can include:

  1. Present and Future Medical Costs: This covers all medical expenses related to the injuries you sustained in the DUI accident, including any future medical treatments or therapy.
  2. Lost Earnings: If the injury affects your earning capacity or results in lost wages, you can claim compensation for these financial losses.
  3. Property Damage: In many DUI accidents, property damage occurs. This can include damages to your vehicle or other personal property.
  4. Physical Therapy: If your injuries require ongoing physical therapy, the costs associated with these treatments are recoverable.
  5. Pain and Suffering: This compensates for the physical pain and emotional distress caused by the DUI accident.
  6. Loss of Consortium: This relates to the impact on your relationships due to injuries from the accident.
  7. Decrease in Quality of Life: If the accident results in long-term impairment or a decrease in your ability to enjoy life, you can claim compensation for this loss.

In addition to these damages, you may also be eligible for punitive damages. In cases involving a DUI driver, especially those where the driver’s blood alcohol content exceeded the legal limit, the court may find their behavior especially reckless. This increased liability distinguishes DUI accidents from other car crashes, as the drunk driver is often found more culpable due to their impaired driving. It’s crucial in such cases to work with a Florida drunk driving accident lawyer who can guide you in seeking justice and appropriate compensation for your suffering and losses.

What Can A Florida DUI Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

Your DUI accident lawyer will deal with the insurance carriers as well as investigate and obtain evidence relating to your accident.

In the aftermath of a DUI accident, victims often grapple with serious injuries, mounting medical expenses, and the complexities of Florida law. A Florida drunk driving accident lawyer provides essential support, helping navigate these challenges. Their expertise in drunk driving cases is pivotal in ensuring DUI accident victims receive the compensation they deserve while focusing on their recovery.

  • A skilled DUI accident lawyer efficiently handles insurance claims and legal proceedings for drunk driving accident victims.
  • They investigate DUI accidents, gathering evidence to establish the liability of the drunk driver.
  • Expert negotiation with insurance companies to secure fair compensation for serious injuries and medical expenses.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim in Florida?

  • Statute of Limitations for DUI Accidents in Florida: Victims have a four-year period from the accident date to file personal injury claims, crucial for those with serious injuries or high medical expenses.
  • Wrongful Death Claims: Families affected by fatalities in DUI accidents have a two-year window to file wrongful death claims, aiding in seeking justice and compensation.
  • Legal Action and Representation: Prompt consultation with a Florida drunk driving accident lawyer is vital for navigating legal processes and protecting the rights of victims or their families.

How Much Will a Florida DUI Accident Attorney Cost? 

Klotzman understands that the accident may have sprung up out of nowhere and you likely don’t have the money to finance the litigation proceedings. Our Florida DUI accident lawyers provide legal counsel and representation on a contingency plan, meaning you won’t be charged anything until the case is won. You only pay after receiving compensation.

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